Clear Your Stubborn Clog

Count on our drain cleaning services in Lilburn, Duluth, GA and surrounding areas

You're washing your hands when the water starts pooling in the sink instead of draining. You know how to clear a clogged drain when the problem's not severe, but when you try, your drain cleaner or drain snake doesn't work.

You can turn to Allen Mooty Plumbing, Inc for residential or commercial drain cleaning services. We know how to clear a stubborn clogged drain easily. Call 404-333-3710 now to talk to our local plumbing contractor based in Lilburn, GA.

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Find out how to keep your drain from clogging

You can count on Allen Mooty Plumbing to fix your drain when it clogs, but you'd rather keep your drain from clogging in the first place. You can prevent clogs in your plumbing by:

  • Running your garbage disposal regularly to keep food from accumulating
  • Throwing out cooking grease instead of pouring it down the drain to prevent oil clogs
  • Using a mesh cover or shower strainer to cover your drain

If your drain clogs anyway, we'll help you solve the problem. Contact us first to arrange for drain cleaning services.