It's Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing System

Take advantage of our new toilet and faucet installation services the Lilburn & Duluth, GA areas

When it comes to your plumbing system, there's always room for improvement. Do you have a broken sink, a cramped bathtub or a toilet that wastes water? You can replace your old plumbing fixtures with new models by working with Allen Mooty Plumbing, Inc.

Our plumbing contractor based in Lilburn, GA:

  • Provides expert plumbing installation services
  • Can work on your residential or commercial property
  • Offers 90-day warranties on your new plumbing fixtures

We can handle anything from dishwasher to faucet installation work. When we're through, you'll have the updated plumbing you need. Call 404-333-3710 today to arrange for plumbing installation services.

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Bring your outdated plumbing up to date

Many buildings around Lilburn, GA contain their original plumbing fixtures, most of which are far past their prime. Faucets, for example, typically last for 15 to 20 years. Toilets, bath tubs and showers can all wear out, too. Get in touch with our plumbing contractor right away when you need a faucet installation or any other update.